Improve woman and Family live conditions

Help to eliminate money lenders loans

Trainning: essential part of the microcredit program (Awareness generation to woman and children rights, health and nutritional needs, Entrepreneurship, enhancement of skill and capability).

Steps in Implementation process

Step 1: AMCN identifies, select and trains efficient and committed NGOs.

Step 2: NGOs are guided to select and recommend only the poor but entrepreneurial - spirited Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Micro Credit Beneficiaries (MCBs).

Step 3: AMCN personnel visit the villages and SHGs recommended by NGOs, study and report back to the loan committed of AMCN.

Step 4: If the reports are postive and the focus population is satisfied with the lending criteria of AMCN, the first loan of INR 10,000/- (150 $) is released for each of the SHG members mostly during the first week of the month.

Step 5: Loan get disbursed to the SHGs by way of cheques or bank account transfers.

Step 6: Proper motivation and capacity building is imparted to SHGs by AMCN and NGOs to wards efficent and effective utilization of loan fund. Repayment of loans is ensured through monthly installment by the fifth of every month.